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Modern and high performance HAUS decanters are designed for municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants as well as potable water treatment plants. The designs are developed to minimize polymer consumption and ensure maximum dryness with high feed flows. This outstanding performance is ensured by optimum torque control at high centrifugal force capability. HAUS Decanters provide:

• Excellent separation
• Maximum dewatering
• Dual Drive
• High price / performance ratio
• Continuous and problem free operation
• Compact design
• Mobile solutions
• Continuous service and spare parts service
• Different capacities from 1 m³/h up to 180 m³/h

manufacturing (Medium)

 Quasi-Axial Flow Scroll Design

Normally, the clarified liquid inside the centrifuge around the feed zone has to wind its way around the helical path of the screw conveyor before it reaches the centrate discharge on the other end. The velocity of the centrate is thus much larger than if it could flow axially. This situation is aggravated further due to the fact that the screw conveyor is usually running a differential speed with respect to the bowl pushing the centrate like a screw pump towards the solids discharge end. Thus the actual velocities of centrate inside the bowl are much higher to overcome this scrolling action and can reach over 0.5 m/s at times. This high horizontal velocity creates turbulence and interferes with the settling process. With quasi-axial flow design, the centrate follows a quasi-axial path, thus reducing the velocity of centrate inside the centrifuge, encouraging better settling and hence less polymer consumption. This feature also reduces foaming effects of centrate dues to the reduced turbulence.

Accelerated Feed Zone

Accelerated feed zone offers softer inlet of feed into the rotating pond and allowing it gently accelerate to the operating speed of the bowl. This feature ensures that the coagulated flocs of solids are not sheared at entrance into the centrifuge thus requiring comparatively less polymer than other designs not incorporating this feature.

Dual Motor Drive

One of the critical points for decanter centrifuge operation is difference between bowl and scroll rpm, namely differential speed. This speed dictates moisture content in the separated solid as well as clarity of the separated liquid. This differential speed is set automatically through PLC according to the required product quality to achieve desired end results properties for both solids phase and centrate discharged from the decanter.

Dual drive motor control enables the differential speed to be adjusted in a wide range. The second drive activates the input shaft of the transmission/gearbox and introduces the differential speed as function of the bowl speed and the transmission gearbox ratio. The differential rpm is adjusted automatically without requiring manpower even in cases where the solid consistency fluctuates significantly, the solid is conveyed with difficultly and low moisture left in the solid phase is crucial. The differential speed is adjusted as function of scroll torque automatically and precisely. The system is supported by the software developed by HAUS.


Superior Material of Construction

HAUS uses superior material of construction for components that go into building the centrifuge.


HAUS uses high quality stainless steel on all surfaces that the processed material comes in contact with. Bowl is centrifugally cast duplex stainless steel AVESTA 2205 as a standard. The scroll hub is centrifugally cast stainless steel AISI 316 and the flight are made of AISI 304.

Wear Protection

HAUS decanters offer a wide range of wear protection products to be applied on many areas where they are utilized:
• Tungsten Carbide coating with plasma spray for the flights
• Ceramic
• Sintered Tungsten Carbide plates
• Polyurethane

components (Medium)

Wear protection parts are in-place replaceable in order to save on maintenance costs of applications where high abrasive products are processed.

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