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HAKKI USTA the parent company of HAUS Centrifuge Technologies, was founded in 1954 in Aydin, Turkey and has been manufacturing decanters since 1989. With its 32.000 m² closed production area and 300 highly qualified employees, HAKKI USTA is one of the world's leading manufacturers for solid bowl decanter centrifuges and disk stack separators.

In 2010 HAUS Centrifuge Technologies was formed focusing on industrial and municipal industries. These innovative German engineered centrifugal decanters and separators have applications in water/wastewater treatment plants, dairy industry, beverage industry, animal and vegetable oil production and processing, oil and fat recovery, starch industry, chemical, mining, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries.

 HAUS factory outside (Medium)

Manufacturing over 350 decanter centrifuges and 300 disc stack separators per year, HAUS has been growing and expanding its presence in Northern Europe, Russia and now North America. There is already new investment to double the production capacity to cater to the ever growing demand for HAUS centrifuges. The company is ISO 9001:2000 and CE certified.

In 2012, a new company HAUS Europe was formed to cater to the ever growing Northern Europe and Russian market in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The company is headed by CEO Hakki Gözlüklü who is himself a qualified mechanical engineer and is involved in the day to day activities at the factory and leads the R&D efforts.

Certification and Testing

Modern communication techniques provide correct planning and reliable delivery times. Comprehensive quality control is in the nature of HAUS. Internal standards, applied for many years, are verified with ISO 9001 certification.

certification and testing (Medium)

Each HAUS decanter is tested rigorously at multiple stages of manufacture in order to guarantee world class quality and smooth operation. Moreover, all decanters are tested and inspected thoroughly in HAUS's state of the art test center prior to being release to shipping.

Engineering Characteristics

Wide range of options for system components (materials, surface hardening, drive systems, isolations, and screw geometry, feeding and discharge systems) or new designs for a new separation application are provided when necessary.

cut-section (Medium)

Mechanical Design

Modern CAD design provides fast revisions and high quality designs. Basic rotor dynamics and basic body dynamics that have key roles for smooth and quiet operation are analyzed by HAUS using model based analysis techniques and advanced FEM techniques specially developed for decanter centrifuge designs.

After-Sales and Spare Parts Service

100% optimized well-planned production ensures spare parts are always available ensuring affordable after sales services. HAUS provides continuous support, 365 days with a technical team of 18 experts in their respective fields ensuring after sales services and continuous operation by reaching customers onsite quickly in case of any breakdown or need.

parts warehouse (Medium)

The objective of the technical service department is to provide the best service as soon as possible and at same time keep supplied machinery up and running without problems.

Service Vehicles (Medium)

Additionally, product samples collected from installations are assessed and analyzed in our laboratories to ensure the efficiency and the productivity of the machine is constantly kept under control.

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